Vol 9, No 4 (August 18, 2020): Chinese Clinical Oncology

Editorial on Ovarian Cancer1

Up-to-date in ovarian cancer
Heriberto Medina-Franco

Review Article on Ovarian Cancer1

Role of hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy in ovarian cancer
Juan Manuel Medina-Castro, Adriana Ruiz-DeLeón
Ovarian carcinoma: pathology review with an emphasis in their molecular characteristics
Leonardo S. Lino-Silva
Can lymphadenectomy be omitted in advanced ovarian cancer?—a brief review
Rosa A. Salcedo-Hernández
Epidemiology of ovarian cancer
Patricia Gaona-Luviano, Lourdes Adriana Medina-Gaona, Kassandra Magaña-Pérez
Fertility-sparing treatment for epithelial ovarian cancer: a literature review
Milagros Pérez-Quintanilla, Sarish del Real-Ordoñez, Lenny Gallardo-Alvarado, David Cantu-de Leon
Radiotherapy in women with epithelial ovarian cancer: historical role, current advances, and indications
Christian Haydeé Flores-Balcázar, Dulce María Urías-Arce
Non-epithelial ovarian carcinoma: what is the optimal staging surgery?
Heriberto Medina-Franco, Luis Enrique Colonna-Márquez
PARP inhibitors in ovarian cancer: evidence for maintenance and treatment strategies
Antonio Bahena-González, Alfredo Toledo-Leyva, Dolores Gallardo-Rincón
Systemic therapy for non-serous ovarian carcinoma
Yanin Chávarri-Guerra, Eduardo González-Ochoa, Héctor De-la-Mora-Molina, Enrique Soto-Perez-de-Celis
Controversies on the treatment of ovarian cancer with dose-dense chemotherapy
Alberto Súarez-Zaizar, Eduardo Cárdenas-Cárdenas, Yadira Araceli Barajas-Castro, Patricia Cortés-Esteban

Original Article

Radical antegrade modular pancreatosplenectomy versus standard distal pancreatosplenectomy for pancreatic cancer, a dual-institutional analysis
Jonathan G. Sham, Shiwei Guo, Ding Ding, Zhuo Shao, Michael Wright, Wei Jing, Ling-Di Yin, Yijie Zhang, Michele M. Gage, Yingqi Zhou, Ammar Javed, Richard A. Burkhart, Xuyu Zhou, Matthew J. Weiss, Tianlin He, Gang Li, John L. Cameron, Xiangui Hu, Christopher L. Wolfgang, Gang Jin, Jin He
Outcomes of adjuvant whole-brain radiotherapy versus hypofractionated stereotactic radiotherapy after surgical resection of brain metastases: a propensity score-matched analysis
Audrey Keller, François Lefebvre, Damien Ricard, Georges Noël, Delphine Antoni


1. The series “Ovarian Cancer” was commissioned by the editorial office, Chinese Clinical Oncology without any sponsorship or funding. Heriberto Medina-Franco served as the unpaid Guest Editor of the series.