Vol 8, No 6 (December 27, 2019): Chinese Clinical Oncology (Interventional Oncology)

Review Article

Role of image-guided biopsy and radiomics in the age of precision medicine
Lambros Tselikas, Roger Sun, Samy Ammari, Laurent Dercle, Steve Yevich, Antoine Hollebecque, Maud Ngo-Camus, Claudio Nicotra, Eric Deutsch, Frederic Deschamps, Thierry de Baere
Thermal ablation for hepatocellular carcinoma: what’s new in 2019
Feipeng Zhu, Hyunchul Rhim
Applications of transcatheter embolotherapy in preparation for liver transplantation and resection
Ethan Yiyang Lin, Joshua Cornman-Homonoff, Bruno C. Odisio, David C. Madoff
Embolotherapy of unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma: Eastern perspective
Jian Lu, Bin-Yan Zhong, Hai-Dong Zhu, Jin-He Guo, Gao-Jun Teng
Needle-guided ablation of locally advanced pancreatic cancer: cytoreduction or immunomodulation by in vivo vaccination?
Bart Geboers, Alette H. Ruarus, Sanne Nieuwenhuizen, Robbert S. Puijk, Hester J. Scheffer, Tanja D. de Gruijl, Martijn R. Meijerink
Percutaneous management of metastatic osseous disease
Steven Yevich, Lambros Tselikas, Alexis Kelekis, Dimitrios Filippiadis, Thierry de Baere, Frederic Deschamps
Renal ablation: current management strategies and controversies
Jim Zhong, Tze Min Wah

Editorial Commentary

Advances in percutaneous lung tumor therapy: 2019 update
Hiroshi Kodama, Koichiro Yamakado, Junichi Taniguchi, Atsushi Ogasawara, Yasukazu Kako, Haruyuki Takaki, Kaoru Kobayashi
New technological advancements for interventional oncology
Riccardo Muglia, Luigi Solbiati

Review Article

Percutaneous palliative care interventions in the cancer patient
Benjamin Fang, Dimitrios Filippiadis, Ornella Moschovaki Zeiger, Elias Brountzos, Alexios D. Kelekis


The focused issue “Interventional Oncology” was commissioned by the Editorial office, Chinese Clinical Oncology without any sponsorship or funding. David C. Madoff, Julius Chapiro and Uei Pua served as the unpaid Guest Editors for the focused issue.