Recent Advances in Neuro-Oncology

Posted On 2024-04-07 09:41:25

This series on “Recent Advances in Neuro-Oncology” is edited by Dr. Wenyin Shi (from Department of Radiation Oncology, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, USA), Dr. Joshua D Palmer (from Department of Radiation Oncology, Ohio State University, Columbus, USA), Dr. Iyad Alnahhas (from Department of Neurology and Department of Neurological Surgery, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, USA).

Emerging insights on management of high-grade glioma
Wenyin Shi, Joshua D. Palmer, Iyad Alnahhas

Case Report
Case report: durable response of gliomatosis cerebri with concurrent tumor-treating fields (TTFields) and chemoradiotherapy treatment
Alex M. DesJarlais, Ryan Miller, Ayesha S. Ali, Muneeb Z. Niazi, Louis Cappelli, Jon Glass, Christopher J. Farrell, Wenyin Shi

Review Article
Immunometabolism, a new therapeutic development for immunotherapies of high-grade gliomas: a narrative review
Janet Y. Wu, Alexander L. Ren, Michael Lim

Tumor treating fields with radiation for glioblastoma: a narrative review
Ryan Miller, Muneeb Niazi, Olga Russial, Spencer Poiset, Wenyin Shi

Radiotherapy for elderly patients with glioblastoma: an assessment of hypofractionation and modern treatment techniques
Jennifer K. Matsui, Haley K. Perlow, Benjin D. Facer, Aliah McCalla, Livia Marrazzo, Beatrice Detti, Marta Scorsetti, Elena Clerici, Silvia Scoccianti, Pierina Navarria, Daniel M. Trifiletti, Vinai Gondi, Joseph Bovi, Jiayi Huang, Paul D. Brown, Joshua D. Palmer

Original Article
Efficacy of scalp-sparing volumetric-modulated arc therapy approach in reducing scalp radiation dose for patients with glioblastoma: a cross-sectional study
Muneeb Niazi, Olga Russial, Louis Cappelli, Ryan Miller, Yingxuan Chen, Yelena Vakhnenko, Haisong Liu, Wenyin Shi

Differences in clinical outcomes based on molecular markers in glioblastoma patients treated with concurrent tumor-treating fields and chemoradiation: exploratory analysis of the SPARE trial
Louis Cappelli, Mehak Majid Khan, Allison Kayne, Spencer Poiset, Ryan Miller, Ayesha Ali, Muneeb Niazi, Wenyin Shi, Iyad Alnahhas

Review Article
Radiotherapy, lymphopenia and improving the outcome for glioblastoma: a narrative review
Carmen Kut, Lawrence Kleinberg

Proton radiotherapy for glioma and glioblastoma
Kevin M. Goff, Chuqi Zheng, Michelle Alonso-Basanta

2021 updates to the World Health Organization classification of adult-type and pediatric-type diffuse gliomas: a clinical practice review
Diana L. Thomas

The series “Recent Advances in Neuro-Oncology” was commissioned by the Editorial office, Chinese Clinical Oncology without any sponsorship or funding. Dr. Wenyin Shi, Dr. Joshua D Palmer and Dr. Iyad Alnahhas served as the unpaid Guest Editors for the series.